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Melissa was not only great to work with but proved to be an integral part of the creative process. We had deadlines and pressures yet she kept a creative cool which made the show go from good to great. Our client was thrilled with the process and final product,  Melissa made us look great as a result. They will definitely use Melissa in the future for other live productions.

Janice Holland

Production Manager

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Deep, emphatic tones with just a wisp of smokiness...

New York Times

I like the way that girl's voice works with mine

James Earl Jones

My favorite voice of compassion

Political Consultant

Like honey next to a warm fire...

PBS Consultant

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Thanks Melissa, it's always a pleasure for us to work with you!


New York

Thank you for being such a miraculous collaborator. You, more than anyone I know, are able to feel the nuances and it shows in your work.

Democratic Consultant


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