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Prior to inviting you to join our Monthly VO Workouts and before working with you one on one to create a demo, I advise you to participate in The Full Day Voiceover Workshop. It’s a comprehensive, immersive day exploring VO skills, microphone technique, where you might fit best in the Industry and more. We’ll discuss the various forms of Voiceover: Commercial, Narration, Audiobook, Games. I tailor the coaching to each person’s particular level and and ability.
The workshop is a wonderful environment to learn about your own particular style as you find your signature voice. It's a fun, creative, safe environment to either dip your toes into the Voiceover waters if you're new, or to hone your skills and learn new techniques if you already have experience. You'll be amazed at you’ll learn. Class size is kept to a Maximum of 8 so everyone gets to work, learn and stretch their acting and VO muscles.
You'll start the day as a small group of strangers and quickly find yourself part of a supportive group of performers encouraging, challenging and learning from each other. Learn how to turn nervousness into energy that works for you instead of against you.
All your work is recorded throughout the day and you’ll receive an MP3 of all your takes at the end of the Workshop.
You’ll then be invited to join one of the Monthly Evening CO Groups to continue to hone your skills, network and get continued support.
One on One Coaching is available at my home studio in Bethesda 

Once you've participated in the Full Day Workshop you are welcome to come to the Monthly VO Workouts!   Think of it as a gym for your VO muscles. The Evening Workout is a Voiceover lesson held in a group setting where you have the opportunity to hear other people perform their scripts and they listen to yours. I'll guide you and make adjustments. The idea is that you come monthly (as possible) so you have opportunities to  build your network, stay focused and increase your skills. I often include guest VO Actors and Producers for special events.


It's a warm, supportive, safe atmosphere to test the waters or improve on style depending on your level of experience. $90 to participate - some audit spaces available - but why not jump in??

The Workouts are held in my Bethesda Studio 6:30 pm - 9 pm

Melissa Leebaert
(301) 254-1159
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